Shared transportation for Central Pennsylvania including McKean, Potter, Elk, Clearfield, Jefferson and Cameron counties. Shared transportation for Central Pennsylvania including McKean, Potter, Elk, Clearfield, Jefferson and Cameron counties.
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FAQs - All FAQs

People who have at least a 20 miles “one-way” trip to work at a common location, complex, community…the fewer the stops the quicker the trip. Vanpool groups or teams like saving money on their personal transportation to work.


Wiki • Vanpools are an element of the transit system that allow groups of people to share the ride similar to a carpool, but on a larger scale with concurrent savings in fuel and vehicle operating costs. Vanpools are the most cost effective mode of public transportation in the United States and the only mode more cost effective than bus.

Vehicles may be provided by individuals, individuals in cooperation with various public and private support programs, through a program operated by or on behalf of an element of government, or a program operated by or on behalf of an employer.

The key concept is that people share the ride from home or one or more common meeting locations and travel together to a common destination or work center.

Utilizing economic and industry data, 20 miles is the break over point where it becomes an economic advantage to create a vanpool.

Besides the obvious economic advantages and personal savings each week, the vanpool advantage means less congestion, reduced stress, reduced wear & tear on your personal vehicle, helping the environment, and meeting new people in a cooperative ride.

The Area Transportation Authority of North Central Pennsylvnia or ATA obtained a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation though a program known as JARC.

ATA has set aside fourteen 12 passenger Freightliner Sprinter vans. At this time there are 14 total Vanpool Advantage Sprinters avaiable to the network. For now eleven of these Sprinters are avaialbe for the network and three will be used as back-ups for the program.

ATA, a rural public transportation with expertiese in place since 1976 (over 35 years) will provide the maintenance for the vanpool fleet, the insurance for the fleet, all the necessary maintenance, vehicle checks, and repairs. Finally all of the fuel is provided through ATA. Sound like an advantage to you and your friends?

One member of the vanpool advantage team will volunteer to become the primary driver and team coordinator. The primary driver usually does not pay the monthly fee as compensation for handling the wheel and taking care of the vanpool vehicle. In addition, each vanpool team will identify alternate (back-up) drivers in the event the primary driver is unavailable.

A CDL license is not required to operate a Vanpool Advantage Sprinter. However, ATA requires vanpool drivers to be a U.S. Citizen, be at least 25 years of age, allow ATA to obtain driver record history and criminal background check and not have more than one moving violation or at-fault accident in the past rolling 36 months. ATA will provide driver safety and other training for you if you sign on as a vanpool advantage driver. We have found that these vehicles operate much like a standard passenger van and they respond beautifully during the driving session. ATA has also made provision for the best techinical vehicle requirements for safe winter driving and challenging road conditions year round.

The ATA vanpool program is a month-to-month arrangement. Fees are paid to the vanpool driver, coordinator each month. In addition other means of payment are being arranged using electronic credit card payments.

Let the ATA Vanpool Advantage Coordinator know that you and your friends are ready to join the network. The ATA Coordinator will organize an informational meeting to talk with you and your friends about the vanpool advantage program, provide more details, review with Vanpool Advantage Program Guide and answer your questions. This kind of introductory meeting is usually over the lunch period at or near your place of employment (destination). You will have an opportunity to sign the Member Registration/Agreement and if appropriate designate a driver coordinator to act on your behalf. Your group can easily move forward with assistance from the ATA Vanpool Advantage Coordinator. Then all you have to do is:"ride."

Things will happen fast and the savings to you will follow quickly. So call 1.866.282.4968.

Actually your costs will vary from vanpool to vanpool based on the number of miles traveled and the number of people contracted to ride the vanpool. ATA will calculate these costs for you. Obviously a vanpool advantage vehicle at or near rider capacity is to everyone's advantage, resulting in the lowest possible costs for the team. Experience with the program has shown that once a vanpool team is created and once it has been in operation for a few months, with each member cooperating, the costs are amazingly low compared to the single passenger car or even a car pool. ATA will figure it out for your to the penny before you sign on.






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